2020 ACE Award Winners

These three individuals are recognized for their outstanding achievements in remanufacturing. Three scholarships, one in honor of each winner, have been established to encourage future industry leaders to become more engaged with remanufacturing before graduation.


Michael Schmit, Remanufacturing Technology Director, GE Healthcare is a strong advocate on behalf of the entire industry. He participates in many industry events and brings a strong representation for the healthcare sector to RIC.


Jeffrey Stukenborg, Reman Engineering Leader, ZF Group is passionate about the value of cross-sector collaboration and enjoys sharing solutions in the hopes that a solution that one sector uses regularly will be just the solution that another sector was seeking. He regularly collaborates across sectors to benefit the entire industry.


Jack Stack, CEO, SRC Holdings Corp. has left an indelible mark on the remanufacturing industry and generously shares his formula for success with others. He helped shape the educational efforts of RIC as a Founding Chairman.