2019 ACE Award Winners

These three individuals are recognized for their outstanding achievements in remanufacturing. Three scholarships, one in honor of each winner, have been established to encourage future industry leaders to become more engaged with remanufacturing before graduation.

Don Bigler, Chairman of the Board, BBB Industries, LLC (BBB), is a long-standing advocate for remanufacturing. Don founded BBB over 30 years ago and has since grown the Company to become the leader in the remanufacturing of starters, alternators, hydraulic and air disc brake calipers, power steering products, and turbochargers for the OEM, personal and commercial vehicle aftermarket industries. With over 30 years in the industry, Don’s impact on the automotive sector can be attributed to BBB’s development of a process-driven remanufacturing process and the Company’s commitment to the principles of continuous quality improvement and sustainability.

Jena Holtberg-Benge, General Manager, John Deere Reman, provides strategic direction and leadership for the global remanufacturing business within Deere, including the responsibility and oversight of facilities in Springfield and Strafford, Missouri; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and distribution globally. Jena is the RIC Board Secretary. With her strong leadership, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit, she took on the chairmanship of the first-ever Remanufacturing Association Alliance (RAA). Along with the RAA, she has played a vital role in the success of global Reman Day.

Bill Davies, Founder and Vice President, Davies Office, is a nationally recognized leader in green remanufacturing and an expert in sustainable office furniture solutions. Bill has not only made Davies a pioneer and leader in its field, but he has also expanded opportunities for organizations industry-wide. As a long-standing member of the RIC and Chairman Emeritus, Bill Davies exemplifies the professionalism and dedication to the industry. Reaching far beyond his sector, Bill is known and respected by his peers around the globe.